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Tune in to our educational video series, “Train Your Brain Tuesday™” hosted by LearningRx CEO, Kim Hanson.

Tune in every Tuesday to see what brain training looks like.

Watch kids perform intense (but fun!) brain training exercises with Kim. And watch a few parents take part in brain training exercises, too!

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“Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Unlock the Smart in Your Child”

Unlock the Einstein InsideDr. Gibson, who is also Kim’s father, shares the measurable impact that brain training can have on people of all ages and makes current brain science extremely practical for parents as you’ll soon discover. The book is co-authored by Kim and her sister Tanya Mitchell.

Brain Taining Game Pack: Six Fun Brainy Games for Parents and Kids to do Together

Did you know that what you do for your brain today can impact what your brain can do for you tomorrow? This Game Pack contains six fun brainy games. You’ll need a partner for some of the games so parents, gather up your kids and kids, grab a parent or grown-up (or even a friend or sibling).

These games are good for you because intense mental exercise stimulates your brain to improve the way information is processed and remembered. And when your brain handles information better, it makes school, work and life easier!

Bottle Caps


Skittle Sudoku


Let’s play Skittle Sudoku! This procedure will build your visualization and logic & reasoning skills. If you have strong visualization skills, you will be able to use your mind to picture places and things. You might even remember where you left something or be able to find your place in a book you’re reading. If you have strong logic & reasoning skills, you can be the fastest person in your family at solving puzzles and riddles!

Grid Worksheet
Grid Worksheet

Print this grid worksheet then cut out all eight tic-tac-toe boards. Grab a red and blue marker or crayon, then watch how to play memory tic-tac-toe. See how many you can master!

Coloring Pages

Grab your favorite crayons or markers and have fun coloring these pages!

Brain training coloring page train your brain coloring page train your brain coloring page

Online Brain Training Programs Available

The same great 1-on-1, life-changing programs that we offer at our Centers across the country are available as online, virtual programs, too!

We start every client out with a Digital Brain Skills Assessment and consultation with a cognitive skills expert via a Zoom video call. We’ll walk you through what cognitive weaknesses may be causing your child to struggle with school, learning, reading, staying focused, and more as well as how we can help turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Then, our students are paired with their own personal, virtual brain trainer for the duration of their program. These live sessions are filled with intense (but fun!) mental exercises that are geared toward helping your student address the “root cause” of their biggest struggles.

Click here to learn how an online brain training program from the comfort of one’s own home has helped students learn easier, think faster, and perform better!

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Start our free Quiz to see if any underlying cognitive struggles could be causing your child, or a loved one, to struggle with learning, math, reading, focusing, processing information, and more.

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Brain training uses workout sessions to target weaker skills and improve your overall cognitive performance.

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