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Life-Changing Brain Training: One Mom’s Story

Life-Changing Brain Training: One Mom’s Story

Find what will give your kids the skills they need to succeed in life, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

As a homeschool teacher and mother of six, Stephanie is no stranger to hard work. But when her daughter, Adalynn (11), began having a difficult time learning to read, Stephanie began considering alternative solutions.

“We were both so frustrated,” Stephanie explained. “No matter how hard we tried, she continued to struggle. We decided to send her to a co-op school, hoping that would give her the exposure to skills she needed.”

A teacher at that school suggested Adalynn may have dyslexia. After confirming through a county evaluation, Stephanie decided the best thing for Adalynn was to seek professional help. Stephanie’s friend recommended LearningRx.

“Adalynn’s LearningRx assessment confirmed what we already knew, but put another name to it: Auditory processing,” Stephanie described. “Once the staff walked us through their proposed brain training program to help Adalynn strengthen her skills, we were sold.” Adalynn was skeptical about LearningRx at first, but after a few visits she started to look forward to going and interacting with the enthusiastic, supportive staff. After just one month, Stephanie could already see the positive impact of LearningRx.

“Before LearningRx, reading was disheartening for Adalynn and her confidence was hindered. But within the first month, her confidence shot up and her reading skills improved,” said Stephanie. “LearningRx has been life-changing for Adalynn.”

Adalynn isn’t the only one. Her sister, Caroline (9), has difficulty interpreting and articulating sounds and regularly works with a speech pathologist. After seeing Adalynn’s growth at LearningRx, Stephanie and her husband decided to have Caroline take the assessment as well.

“Caroline’s difficulty with speech causes her to struggle with reading,” Stephanie explained. “Her assessment proved that she too needed to strengthen her auditory processing skills, and we knew LearningRx was the perfect solution. After only two months, Caroline is now reading – and better yet, she’s enjoying it.”

Stephanie has begun to catch early signs of similar speech difficulties in her son, Ethan (6). To give him a jumpstart on the cognitive skills he will need to succeed, Stephanie and her husband have decided to take him to LearningRx.

At the same time, Stephanie’s oldest daughter, (15), is having a hard time with math, and tutoring has not been effective. Knowing LearningRx is for all ages and with the success she’s seen from her other children, Stephanie is confident LearningRx can help her oldest daughter succeed in math.

Stephanie concludes with this advice to other mothers: “Trust your instincts. As moms, we can sometimes carry a lot of guilt or shame if we feel like we’ve failed – but you know when something isn’t right. Find what will give your kids the skills they need to succeed in life, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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