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Beth and Susie met years ago in physical therapy school at Emory University, and became lifelong friends. They worked together at the Atlanta VA Hospital and over time, both got married and started raising their families. Beth and Susie each had the painful experience of having children who struggled in school for various reasons, and became passionate about helping them obtain greater success. They researched tools within the physical therapy field and also enrolled their children in various other interventions: occupational therapy, speech therapy, vision therapy, auditory programs, social thinking classes, tutoring and more. If you can name it, they probably tried it! Both saw benefits from everything that was tried and yet they knew there was an important piece of the puzzle that was missing. They just did not know what it was.

Our Introduction to LearningRx

After years of research and interventions for their kids, Beth was eventually introduced to LearningRx. After studying the methodology, history and life-changing results clients were achieving through the program, she excitedly shared the information with Susie. Both went to Colorado to see this type of cognitive training first hand, and were blown away. Immediately they knew this was what was needed for their own children. LearningRx was not a tutoring program but rather a program that strengthened core weaknesses in students’ brains, allowing them to learn, read and process information better, faster and easier. They learned IQ can be changed, struggles can be overcome, and smart kids can get even smarter. Together they enthusiastically made the switch from physical therapy to cognitive therapy. Now, instead of rehabilitating the body, they were rehabilitating the brain.

LearningRx Interventions Make a Personal Impact

Their children were their first clients. Susie's oldest son, Matthew, was more or less kicked out of his preschool for what appeared to be attention issues. He also had some sensory and social issues. He was having so much trouble at school that she began having panic attacks. She was looking for the most natural way to improve his attention before medication was considered. Matthew’s weakest cognitive skills were short-term memory and processing speed, and the combination of those weaknesses looked like the inability to focus and difficulties with executive functioning. Once they helped bolster those skills through brain training, his attention and executive skills improved! He recently graduated from a private high school, tackling a challenging curriculum and making the honor roll. He is now a freshman in college majoring in mechatronics engineering, and he is extremely well organized, managing his time independently and making great grades! He never needed medication.

Susie's younger son, Thomas, did not have any specific learning issues. However, they trained him for enhancement, and he became a stronger, more competitive student! Even for students who aren’t struggling, higher cognitive skills allow for greater opportunities and achievements throughout school and life.

Beth has twin boys who were thriving in all subjects in elementary school except reading. By third grade, her boys were struggling to keep up with the types of books their peers could easily handle, despite consistent tutoring. The boys received testing from a psychologist who said tutoring was helping to keep them on grade level, but they were “holding onto the bottom rung of the ladder.” Beth worried tutoring would never end, and what was worse, they hated to read. Their weaker brain skills included auditory processing, a crucial skill for effective reading. Though they could learn to read, it was a laborious process for their brains, making it inefficient and unenjoyable. They started them in the ReadRx® program, and once completed, their decoding and fluency skills increased exponentially and they actually enjoyed and craved books! They never needed reading help again, went on to become successful students in a competitive high school and reading even became the subject where they scored best on standardized tests, including the SAT. They are now both studying business at the University of Georgia on scholarship.

Beth also has a daughter, Bella, who was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when she was just one year old. Though the seizures were resolved after two years, she experienced some cognitive and motor delays as a result. These cognitive weaknesses affected her ability to learn, and Bella required modifications and accommodations in school from the very beginning. Even in a special school environment, she struggled with spelling, reading, memory and speed by first grade. LearningRx training started and, within a school year, she became one of the best readers in her second-grade class. Her cognitive skills increased dramatically. Her teachers also noted her increased ability to retain information, express herself and keep up with her peers! She received some additional brain training to further enhance her cognitive abilities in late elementary school, and by 5th grade she had high grades and no longer required the same accommodations to be successful. Bella graduated with honors this year from a private college-prep high school. She was accepted to her top college pick and remains a voracious reader, always with a book in her hand!

All of our children’s lives have been changed through the individualized LearningRx programs over the years. There is truly no limit to improving your brain!

Time to Give Back

In 2008, Beth and Susie opened LearningRx-Atlanta and started their cognitive-training journey. After the personal successes they experienced with their own children, they were thrilled to pass on guidance and hope to other families who struggled like they did. Opening a business was a steep learning curve. After all, they went to PT school, not business school. They took the endeavor one day at a time and had fun while they worked in a field they loved. LearningRx allowed them to meet amazing clients and colleagues in their community and before they knew it, they were ready to expand to a second location.

Since 2008, LearningRx Atlanta - Buckhead has helped hundreds of clients, ages 4 ½ to 80, improve their cognitive weaknesses and reach their potential. Beth and Susie have worked with clients of all ability levels from medical school students to children and adults struggling with ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder and Down’s syndrome. Each client has different goals but because the programs are one-on-one, they are highly customizable to meet individual needs. As moms themselves, they understand that all parents want the best for their children, and firmly believe the best is LearningRx.

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