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Our Team

  • Christa Kelly
    Christa Kelly Assistant Director

  • Carolina Calvillo
    Carolina Calvillo Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Cheryl Wiest
    Cheryl Wiest Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Hayden Schwarz
    Hayden Schwarz Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Jenna Best
    Jenna Best Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Susana Gonzalez
    Susana Gonzalez Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Taylor Gammage
    Taylor Gammage Cognitive Skills Trainer

  • Lynne Meyer
    Lynne Meyer Owner & Director

  • Whitney Meyer
    Whitney Meyer Owner & Director

    Welcome! My name is Whitney, and I am the Executive Director at LearningRx of Northwest San Antonio. I have been with LearningRx since 2009 and have helped thousands of families understand and overcome learning challenges of all kinds. I would like to personally invite you to call or stop by our center if you or someone you love is struggling to learn. Our team is here to help!