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The Journey to Becoming a More Confident and Competent Reader: A Case Study

The Journey to Becoming a More Confident and Competent Reader: A Case Study

At LearningRx, we have the privilege of helping facilitate radical transformation every single day. Recently, we worked with a phenomenal student to help him overcome some reading and writing challenges.

When M.B. first connected with our team, he was struggling in several areas. He had a difficult time remembering what he read or heard. He was uncomfortable sounding out words. He wasn’t a confident reader and reading and writing were slow and laborious.

He started by taking our cognitive skills assessment and meeting with us for a consultation. We were able to determine that long-term memory skills were at the root of his learning struggles. He had missed some coding information when he was learning complex codes in school so he was working hard to try and decode words when he was reading.

All this decoding work can get in the way of reading comprehension.

In addition, reading comprehension requires you to remember what you read and to continue to add new information as you read. This was especially difficult for M.B.

We recommended ReadRx, ThinkRx and ComprehendRx. ThinkRx addressed long-term memory, ReadRx addressed the underlying decoding skills and reading fluency and ComprehendRx helped unlock his reading comprehension skills.

M.B. and his parents chose our remote learning program. Throughout the 24-week program, M.B. achieved huge gains! He can now remember materials he reads or hears, he’s much faster at decoding words, he’s a more fluent reader and most importantly, he’s more confident in all aspects of school and learning.

After years of trying to determine where our son’s learning difficulties originated from, we were relieved that LearningRx quickly zeroed in on the culprit. It was a comfort to our son to realize it was not because he wasn’t trying hard enough or wasn’t smart enough but that there was a real obstacle that he could address. Early on in the program, he did an exercise where he memorized all the U.S. presidents both forward in time and backward. He was so proud and many of his friends he considered to be very smart were amazed by it. I think that was really the first boost in his confidence and it gave him the motivation to keep working. It WAS REAL WORK. There were days when he would literally be exhausted after a session but he knew he was getting real results. We’re thrilled to know he can carry these skills with him into all aspects of his life.