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Dyslexia and ADHD – there is hope!

Dyslexia and ADHD – there is hope!

Julia could see her oldest son, Max, was really struggling with school and homework. Max completed a full neuropsychiatric evaluation and was diagnosed with ADHD, PDD and Dyslexia. These diagnosis confirmed what Max was experiencing – he really struggled to stay on task and as a second grader, he was already 2 years behind in his reading level. Eleven years ago, Julia found LearningRx – a new option that had just become available in the community. Julia had already tried tutoring for Max and loved how LearningRx differed from tutoring in that it addressed the root cause of learning struggles. Julia decided to have Max comoplete their initial assessment.

The assessment results provided helpful insights into identifying the root cause of Max’s struggles. Weaknesses in long-term memory, working memory, processing speed and auditory processing were identified in the assessment. Seeing these results were really helpful for Julia as it provided more specifics as to why Max was struggling rather than simply a high-level diagnosis. These insights also seemed more actionable than simply mediations and school IEPs that were more strategies that would accommodate Max’s struggles vs. address them.

Max’s parents enrolled him in a 6 month program at LearningRx and Max trained several times per week. He loved his trainer. Even though training could be hard and his trainer pushed him, he enjoyed the game-like nature of training. Max’s efforts in training paid off as he went from reading at a Kindergarten level to reading at a second grade level in only 6 months! His attention skills were also greatly improved.

Max completed his LearningRx training over a decade ago. So how did Max’s training in 2nd grade impact his future? Max has now graduated from High School and was accepted to all 7 universities he applied to. He was on the Varsity Basketball team for 3 years and graduated with honors posting all As and one A-. Max is excited to head off to college this fall and has a bright future!

Whay does Max’s experience mean for your child? Regardless of your child’s academic struggles or a diagnosis like ADHD or Dyselxia, LearningRx training identifies why a child is struggling and removes the obstacles through 1-on-1 cognitive skills training. And, as demonstrated by Max’s experience and thousands we’ve helped like Max, one of the greatest benefits of our training is that the results are long-lasting.

Is your child struggling academically or have a diagnosis like ADHD, Dyselxia or ASD? How would removing these obstacles improve your child’s academic experience and future? LearningRx offers hope because we can identify the root cause and, more importantly, remove the learning obstacles. LearningRx training is truly life changing.