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Struggling with ADHD? There is Hope!

Struggling with ADHD?  There is Hope!

For the month of October, in honor of ADHD awareness month, we will be bringing you true stories of students who have come to LearningRx to improve their focus and attention. One such student is Killian Wilson from Woodbury.   In 2011 Killian’s mother, Anne, brought him to LearningRx because she was at the end of her rope.  Killian was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and it resulted in academic struggles and homework frustration.   Now that Killian was in high school, he was getting in trouble as he was not completing his homework and struggled with organizational skills.   His mom was concerned that he would not be able to get the grades he needed to get into and succeed in college. Anne says that before LearningRx, “I was worried that college would never happen.”  Sadly, Killian thought the same thing!   They had tried ADHD medication, tutoring and school interventions, but nothing helped. 

Anne knew she needed help and wanted to give Killian the future he deserved.  Killian and Anne found hope at LearningRx. “Wonderful people worked with him” for 24 weeks and “it was amazing to see the transformation in him from beginning to end” says Anne, now almost 9 years later.

Killian completed high school and is now only months from graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in architecture.  When asked if LearningRx prepared him for college Killian said, “LearningRx has been a great program…to help me to the point where I could completely excel in school.” The intense mental exercises, planned distractions, and consistency sharpened Killian’s focus which empowered him to make sense of his classes, stay on task, improve his organizational skills, improve his grades and ultimately get into college.

Way to go, Killian! We are so proud of how far you’ve come.

Are you or your child facing similar struggles due to an ADHD diagnosis? How would life be different for if those obstacles  were removed? If your child is struggling due to an ADHD diagnosis or general attention difficulties  or if traditional routes like ADHD medication and tutoring have resulted in significant improvements, consider calling LearningRx. The answer lies in getting to the root cause of these struggles, not simply treating the symptoms.

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