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Our Team

  • Rich Frieder
    Rich Frieder Owner & Director

    Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Rich Frieder, and I am the Owner of the LearningRx centers in Woodbury, Eagan, and Savage. It is such an honor to work with local families to unlock the root cause of learning difficulties and strengthen core cognitive skills. A main drive in my wife and I opening the centers years ago was our youngest daughter, Catie, who was diagnosed with ADHD, receptive and expressive language delays, sensory issues and reading struggles. LearningRx training has helped her so much and we now have the privilege of helping local families in the same way!

  • Anna
    Anna Brain Trainer

    I love working at LearningRx because I love seeing the students grow. They grow in ways beyond just the cognitive skills we test for! It is so fun to build that relationship with the student and then see those results they have worked so hard for!

  • Nancy
    Nancy Brain Trainer

    From staff to students, LearningRx is an invigorating and pleasant setting to be a creative part of the changes that occur in each student. I love the challenges of the daily sessions and the excitement of a student finishing their sessions with amazing results!

  • Emily
    Emily Director of First Impressions

    I love creating a warm and helpful environment at LearningRx in Woodbury. Seeing students grow in a love of learning and confidence is very rewarding. It’s exciting to be a part of a program that improves lives!

  • Sara
    Sara Assistant Director

    When students begin their programs at LearningRx, they are often hard on themselves, lacking in confidence, and easily discouraged. One of the greatest joys about training students is watching them transform as they gain confidence and belief in themselves. They learn that their hard work truly helps them to break through barriers that have prevented them from expressing their true brain power.

  • Julie
    Julie Brain Trainer

    I enjoy working at LearningRx because I love being a part of something that really impacts student learning for a lifetime. I have been an educator for my entire adult life and am intrigued by this unique approach to learning and impressed by the results I have seen. It is also a pleasure to work in such a warm, inviting and supportive environment. This positive atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for helping students grow in their confidence and in their brain skills.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Director of First Impressions

    I love how LearningRx brings people together from all different contexts and creates a connection through learning!

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Brain Trainer

    I like working at LearningRx because I like working with students one on one. It’s exciting to see students improve as they go through the program!

  • Rachel
    Rachel Assessor

    Being the Brain Lab Supervisor has been amazing! I love building relationships with all of the students and encouraging them to improve their cognitive skills and work hard.

  • Judy
    Judy Brain Trainer

    I love getting to know my students. It is so rewarding to see a student start the program with apprehension and nervousness and then develop their self-confidence and skills. Working at LearningRx is very gratifying.

  • Arlee
    Arlee Brain Trainer

    pronouns she/her/hers. What I like about working at LearningRx is being able to relationship-build with my students and also see their growth throughout our sessions. I’m excited to continue to learn and grow with my students as a trainer!