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Why Brain Training is One of the Best Experience Gifts You Can Give

Why Brain Training is One of the Best Experience Gifts You Can Give

Giving experiences instead of physical gifts has become a popular trend—and we are here for it!

The power of spending time together, experiencing new things, and getting out of your shell is undeniable. As you finish up your holiday shopping for the year, we’d love to encourage you to give the gift of brain training for anyone in your life!

A cognitive skills assessment makes a great gift for anyone on your list. This assessment provides an invaluable insight into the way the brain works, what’s strong, and what skills could use some training.

Plus this holiday season, the 1-hour test comes with a FREE trial session so you can really get a taste for what brain training feels like at LearningRx!

Why Understanding Cognitive Skills Matters at Any Age

Everyone from preschool through adults can benefit from understanding their cognitive skills.

For kids just starting out in school, a cognitive skills assessment gives you a sneak peek at the things that are going on inside their brains—before the problems really have time to manifest!

You can avoid SO much school stress and struggle by being proactive about getting your kids a solid cognitive foundation at an early age.

For older kids and teens, cognitive skills can be the missing piece that explain all the behavioral and learning struggles they’ve been facing. From reading and math to attention and memory, a cognitive skills assessment takes a deep dive into how their brains work and which skills could use some strengthening.

So many adults have deficits in attention and memory but write them off as “normal parts of life.” Instead of struggling with hundreds of sticky notes, written lists, and always forgetting something, you can sharpen your brain skills to make your life more productive and less stressful!

Especially for older adults, we often hear that they are fearing that their memory is going, or that they just can’t do all the things they used to be able to do cognitively. And we know that it is a hard place to be.

Instead of settling for memory decline, we can work with you to create a plan that strengthens brain function for years to come!

What a Cognitive Skills Assessment Can Tell You

A cognitive skills assessment is the first step to shed light on the skills that need to be strengthened. This one-hour test is done in our center, and it has been normed, validated, and supported by peer-reviewed research.

Essentially, we walk you through some activities that give insight into how well your brain handles skills like visual processing, logic & reasoning, reading, memory, and processing speed (in addition to others).

After the assessment, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation going over the results so we can help you interpret them and apply them to the day-to-day struggles that you’re experiencing.

The struggles with attention, reading, math, school behavior, or work performance and memory as an adult are often explained super clearly by the results we find in this test!

This is because cognitive skills are at the root of all learning or thinking. We take you beyond surface-level interventions and modifications in order to find the real reason you or your child is struggling!


The Next Steps

While it may seem like an odd gift to give, LearningRx Brain Training is the gift that keeps on giving. The results our clients experience aren’t just a temporary fix—its effects can be seen even YEARS down the road (for both kids and adults).

We have a wide variety of programs to fit any unique needs you may have. But the first step for all of them is the assessment.

Giving someone an assessment this holiday season may open the door to easier school, better behavior, more memories, and improved confidence… and these things are priceless!

Contact us to schedule an assessment (for yourself or someone else) to start this journey to a stronger, better brain today.