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Congratulation on 10 Years and Changing Lives!

Congratulation on 10 Years and Changing Lives!

Congratulations to our Eagan Director of Training, Julie Bertelsen, who has been with us at the Eagan location for the past 10 years! Julie is a former educator who has a passion to help struggling students excel!

Julie’s first experience with LearningRx was through her son. She enrolled her son when he was 16 and was so impressed with his improvements that she became a brain trainer. About 5 years ago, she became the Director of Training, where she gets to oversee an amazing group of trainers, meet with parents, and continue to train students!!

Julie taught in the local school system for 12 years (secondary and post-secondary) and loves what she does at LearningRx. Julie shares, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of training students, the opportunity to witness so much growth, and the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of students that I have had the good fortune to train!”

In her time, Julie has seen students make huge gains in reading fluency and reading comprehension, attention skills, math abilities, organizational skills, executive function improvements and overall improved attitudes and motivation.

“Seeing the changes in a student’s self-esteem is so rewarding. I’ve worked with so many students who struggle with confidence and leave our training with an “I can do it” attitude”, states Julie.

We are blessed to have you, Julie! Thank you for your passion to change the lives of our students!