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What is Executive Function?

What is Executive Function?

At LearningRx, we work with many students who have high intelligence – strong logic and reasoning and other skills – but who struggle to stay on top of their work, organize their thoughts or materials, pay attention and stay motivated. It’s common for parents to hear feedback like, ‘Your child is really smart, but….”.

Often the culprit is Executive Function skills. These are a set of skills that include working memory, processing speed and self-control and tend to become more important as students get older and must switch classes, take notes, and stay on top of homework.

It’s common for individuals who struggle with executive function to:

  • Get overwhelmed by too much information or too many tasks
  • Need more time to make decisions or give answers
  • Need to re-read information to understand it
  • Miss nuances in conversation and have trouble keeping up
  • Have trouble following directions and routines
  • Have trouble finishing tasks on time or in a reasonable amount of time

The key to addressing these struggles is to identify and address the root cause which is often difficulties with processing speed and working memory. When these skills are not strong, individuals “short-circuit” their intelligence as they struggle to hold, organize and keep up with the information they are taking in. The result is often a student who struggles with motivation and tends to procrastinate over-and-over again. The bottom line – life and academics is much harder than it seems it should be.

LearningRx training can significantly help individuals who struggle with executive function. Jenna is a teenager who is very bright – her logic tested in the 91st percentile – but her working memory and processing speed were both below the 30th percentile. Her training changed all of that!

Jenna shares:

“I had a wonderful experience and every little thing in my day-to-day life feels easier. Doing everyday tasks no longer takes so much mental energy that I can't do anything else. I'm happier and more confident in my ability to try new things without being afraid to fail. I'm more motivated and productive in my day-to-day life.”

If you or your child struggle with executive function, it’s time to get help. Call us today to schedule an initial assessment to identify the root cause of these difficulties. Easier and less frustrating days are ahead!