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Hating School to Loving School! Ashley’s total turnaround!

Hating School to Loving School! Ashley’s total turnaround!

Ashley struggled with attention and organizational difficulties. Her training completely turned her around, even in the midst of COVID, and she was even able to help her friends be more organized and on top of their work.

Ashley really struggled to focus and pay attention. She struggled to complete her homework, and often thought she actually did, but would forget aspects of it or not turn it in. It was frustrating as her parents had to be on Ashley all the time to do her homework and it was causing a lot of stress in the home.

Ashley was trying, but because she had some weaknesses in the areas of working memory and processing speed, she struggles to remember her homework and often felt overwhelmed trying to complete it.

Now that school is easier due to her LearningRx training, Ashley’s is much more motivated and organized which has resulted in less stress for her and her parents, more confidence and higher grades!

Ashley now says she feels like a completely different person. So what made the difference?

The difference was her LearningRx training which took her working memory up to the 67th percentile and her processing speed to the 90th! Ashley now has the memory and ability to keep up that she lacked before. Her training was life changing.

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