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Our 12 Days of Christmas Student #1 – Connor!

Our 12 Days of Christmas Student #1 – Connor!

Connor came to us when he was in 3rd grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia and PDD and his parents were very concerned about his future. His LearningRx training helped Connor significantly. He increased several grade levels in reading in a short time and his cognitive skill levels increased significantly in that time as well. Connor was now set-up for success!

Connor completed his training 10 years ago. What is he up to now?

Per his mother – “LearningRx not only built new neural pathways to address the root cause of Connor’s learning struggles, but training gave him a sense of accomplishment which motivated him to do his best in all areas.

Connor just graduated from high school with honors! He played varsity sports – which was a huge commitment – and was accepted with merit awards to all seven colleges he applied for. Connor started his college career this fall.”

LearningRx training works, is long lasting and can completely change the trajectory of a child’s life! Way to go, Connor!!