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Change Your Skills at Any Age!

Change Your Skills at Any Age!

As we get older, our cognitive skills typically start to decline somewhere between the ages of 30-40 years old. Cognitive skills like memory and processing speed can start to decline as a natural part of the aging processing. However, we do not have to settle for this!

Meet Charlotte. Charlotte is 91 years old and has always taken her health seriously. When her memory started to slip she wasted no time in contacting LearningRx to see if we could help. The answer was, of course we can!

Charlotte worked one-on-one with a cognitive skills trainer at LearningRx in Eagan and has excelled at her program. She hasn’t just been improving at LearningRx; Charlotte has achieved the results she’s been hoping for in her day to day life as well. Charlotte, along with her friends and family, have all noticed that she is more confident, more social, and her memory has improved since she started brain training.

LearningRx can help anyone at any age because our training is focused on the individual. If you’re an adult who is having a difficult time with college classes, learning skills for a new job, memory decline or other struggles, LearningRx can help!