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Our Procedures in Eagan

A Leader in Cognitive Skills Training Programs

At LearningRx - Eagan, our procedures consist of game-like mental exercises that target client’s specific weaknesses and strengthen them. Our programs are customizable to fit their individual needs, and our one-on-one sessions are designed to give our clients the encouragement and push they need to break through learning barriers.

How It All Began

Here’s a little background on the development of the LearningRx brain training and cognitive enhancement procedures:

In the early 1970s, Dr. Ken Gibson, a pediatric optometrist and specialist in visual processing, became fascinated by the question, “How can we help people learn easier and faster?”

Determined to find the answer, Dr. Gibson began compiling experiences with children and adults. In addition to his own practice, he founded preschools and learning centers and worked with kids in those settings, too. He also began researching the latest developments in any field or science related to the brain, applying those developments to his growing body of work.

Soon he discovered an interesting pattern. He realized that clients were paying better attention and recalling important facts more easily after being coached through short but intense periods of mental exercise. The doctor was intrigued. Could these results be replicated? Deciding to test his theory on 35 clients who were struggling with reading, Gibson created a three-month program. Unlike any reading remedy that had been attempted before, the program wasn’t based on tutoring or reading instruction; instead, it consisted of mental workouts. The results were far better than Dr. Gibson had dared hope for.

Eventually, Dr. Gibson compiled a series of specialized exercises that worked on specific cognitive weaknesses. With the help of other educational and psychological specialists, these exercises were tested and refined over an additional 16 years. Ultimately, they became the foundation of the LearningRx brain training system.

Take Our Free Online Brain Quiz

If you want to get a glimpse into the strengths and weaknesses of your own brain, we invite you to take our brief, three-minute online quiz. This will show where you compare to your peers and give some insight into the reasons behind why you are struggling.

Schedule your Brain Skills Assessment at our Eagan brain training center, where we’ll dive deeper and learn more about your individual strengths and weaknesses.

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