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Math Help in Texarkana

Cognitive Skills Training & Tutoring for Math

Many people struggle with math—some of us just happen to be better with it than others. However, if you feel like your struggles are impeding your work or school life, you may benefit from the cognitive skills training programs at LearningRx. Our one-on-one brain training center in Texarkana has research-backed programs that will target the skills integral for math and strengthen them. We have helped countless clients who have dyscalculia and other math struggles.

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Our MathRx® Program

After our clients take our Brain Skills Assessment, our trainers will have a firm understanding of what LearningRx programs will benefit them most. Though ultimately, we will decide on the programs our clients take, if you struggle with dyscalculia, it’s possible we will recommend you complete our MathRx program.

This program will enhance the core cognitive components of math performance, including:

  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Attention
  • Comprehension

Ways You Can Support Your Child Who Is Struggling with Math

If you are a parent to a struggling child, you want to know how best to support your child. In addition to our brain training services, LearningRx Texarkana would recommend the following ways for you to help your struggling child:

  1. Stay positive. It can be difficult to not focus on errors or mistakes when helping a struggling child, but make sure to instead emphasize the victories. If you become frustrated or negative, your child can begin to resent math even more. Make math as positive as an experience as possible.
  2. Highlight math in day-to-day life. Whether it’s counting cars or playing Uno, you want to demystify math as much as possible. Instead of just being something difficult, like homework, math is a thing that is all around you – some of it can be more difficult, but some of it can be less so.
  3. Try letting your child teach you. One of the best ways to learn material is to teach it or explain it out loud. Whenever your child is tackling a new concept, ask them to teach you how to do the math. Explaining the process can help them uncover the steps and reasoning for themselves.
  4. It’s okay to move slowly. Grasping math concepts doesn’t have to be a race. It is okay to take your time and to move slowly through problems. Encourage your child to really think through each equation and think through the steps.
  5. Avoid “drilling” as learning. When it comes to times-tables, it can be easy to fall into a flashcard and drill routine of teaching. Even though it is occasionally okay to rely on flashcard learning, don’t let that become the routine. Look to incorporate games or puzzles into your lessons.

More Than Math Tutoring

Though we support tutoring and recognize the benefits that can come with it, brain training simply is not the same thing. They are both great solutions for very different problems. At LearningRx Texarkana, our cognitive skills training makes learning, reading, memorizing, and performing easier through pinpointing specific weaknesses and strengthening them. There are many underlying skills that are integral to strong cognitive performance, and we focus on them all. Tutoring redelivers information—we make it easier to receive it the first time.

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