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Cognitive Skills Training for Dyslexia Struggles in Texarkana

Enhancing the Lives of Our Clients

Auditory processing is the cognitive skill the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds—and it is foundational to successful reading. In fact, studies show that weak auditory processing skills are at the root of approximately 85% of all reading struggles! This is why interventions that use cognitive training techniques to target and strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive abilities get such tremendous results.

At LearningRx Texarkana, we pair clients with their own brain trainers for one-on-one training that consists of challenging yet fun cognitive exercises. These game-like mental workouts strengthen the skills that are integral to reading comprehension. With a brain training program uniquely adapted for every client, clients of all ages can experience benefits that can enhance their life. Many of our past clients have experienced dramatic results.

Our Reading Struggles & Dyslexia Experience

Over a six-year period, 2,112 children and adults came to LearningRx with dyslexia and/or reading struggles. We measured the cognitive performance of these clients before brain training, and again after brain training, paying special attention to the cognitive skills associated with auditory processing.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Among 2,112 clients who came to us with reading struggles and/or dyslexia, the largest gains after LearningRx brain training were seen in auditory processing, IQ score, long-term memory, and broad attention.
  • Among these same 2,112 clients, auditory processing skills improved an average of 5.3 years following brain training.
  • After just six months of training, age-equivalent cognitive skill performance improved by an average of 3.6 years.
  • IQ scores improved by an average of 13 standard points after LearningRx brain training.

Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:


*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results.

Angie, a mom of three LearningRx graduates, summarizes their brain training experience and improvements in reading this way: “Tutoring only gets you so far and I feel like LearningRx really unlocks a child’s potential to be the best that they can be.”

Additional Gains Experienced by Families of Dyslexia Clients

To further measure the impact of brain training on real life, LearningRx surveyed parents of 109 kids with dyslexia who completed one of our programs. The experiences of individual clients can vary, but the consistency of reported improvements is definitely worth sharing:

  • Many parents reported classroom improvements such as faster reading, improved reading comprehension, and stronger memory for details.
  • Almost half of the parents reported better grades after completing brain training, and more than half reported increased confidence in school.
  • Parents also reported more positive relationships with peers, more independence in completing homework, and increased participation and better performance in sports.

Train Your Brain, Enhance Your Life

If you struggle with dyslexia or reading difficulties and are interested in learning more, we invite you to take our online brain skills quiz. This brief, three-minute exercise will give you a bit of insight into how you perform compared to your peers and can highlight some of your potential weak cognitive areas.

After you take the quiz, reach out to the friendly team at our LearningRx Texarkana brain training center to schedule your Brain Skills Assessment. It’s time to turn your struggles into successes!

Dyslexia Training in Texarkana

Many people can go years without realizing they’re living with a learning difficulty until someone else points it out. This can bring about feelings of shame and anxiety, especially in adults. Our team at LearningRx Texarkana supports you in understanding this disorder and presenting affordable programs that help you overcome it.

As a locally owned business, we are backed by a company with over 35 years of experience in brain training and education research. Our team has assisted individuals of all ages and backgrounds in sharpening cognitive skills and rediscovering confidence.

You can call us today at (903) 420-4418 or take our brain quiz and find out if you need our support.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes it difficult for people who live with it to read, comprehend words, and spell. The signs of dyslexia can be hard to pinpoint in early childhood development. Additionally, many adults have learned to adapt at work and school if they’ve never been diagnosed properly.

To help identify dyslexia, some of the signs include:

  • Slow reading
  • Mixing up words
  • Struggling to read
  • Challenges spelling

Researchers have reported that at least 5% of people in the United States show these signs of the disorder.

What Kind of Dyslexia Support Do We Offer?

When you’re living with dyslexia or have a loved one who is, you may feel helpless and unsure where to turn. Our qualified and trained team in Texarkana offers various comprehensive services to support individuals with dyslexia and other disorders.

We work with you or your child to:

  • Rebuild confidence
  • Support long-term learning and retention techniques
  • Enhance reading skills
  • Find a new love for learning

Regardless of your age or background, our specialists at LearningRx Texarkana deliver results through fun and engaging cognitive games. We ditch the workbooks and create a comfortable environment where anyone struggling with a learning disorder can thrive.

child with dyslexia struggling with reading

More Information on Dyslexia

LearningRx believes in the power of learning! If you are looking for more information on dyslexia and cognitive brain training, check out these articles and blog posts:

For more information about our cognitive skills and dyslexia services, call (903) 420-4418.

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