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Congratulation on 10 Years and Many Changed Lives!

Congratulation on 10 Years and Many Changed Lives!

Congratulations to Karen who has been with us at the Savage location for the past 10 years! Karen is a former teacher who has a passion to help struggling students excel!

Karen’s first LearningRx graduate, Christian, completed his training in the spring of 2010 and his parents were so excited:

“We loved the family atmosphere and his awesome trainer, Karen! We have seen huge reading and spelling improvements for Christian, and he is doing amazing in math. He is so much more confident!”

This is the impact Karen has had on her students. Whether the improvement is in reading, reading comprehension, attention and focus, improved organizational skills or motivation, Karen’s students love her and love the training she provides.

One of her most recent students, Vivian, won the LearningRx National Student of the Year Award. Vivian struggled with reading, attention and problem solving in math. She had weaknesses in working memory which made it difficult for her to organize her thoughts. Due to these struggles, Vivian had low confidence and struggled with anxiety. Homework was stressful for the entire family.

After training with Karen, Vivian jumped several grade levels in her math skill and is now in accelerated math. She is a more fluent reader and the anxiety is now gone as she is overflowing with confidence!

Karen – thank you for your passion to help the students you train. We are blessed to have you on the LearningRx team!