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Unlock a Love for Reading

Unlock a Love for Reading

One of the most common academic struggles we address at LearningRx is difficulties with reading fluency and comprehension. If reading is difficult, it can turn homework and basic academic tasks into frustrating and difficult interactions.

So, why do some kids excel at reading and others struggle?

As a father of 3 now adult daughters, I saw this struggle first-hand. For my two oldest daughters my wife and I would read to them and with them every evening and they just got it. At some point, they started reading and it seemed very easy and natural. However, it was very different for my youngest daughter. Just like her sisters, we would read to and with her every evening but she could not seem to pick it up. Our time with her often ended up in frustration and battles to get her to read. So why such a difference?

If students are struggling with reading – especially if the struggle persists into and beyond 3rd grade – it is usually due to a combination of cognitive skills that are not as strong as needed and causing obstacles to reading success.

Two of the most critical reading skills are long-term memory and auditory processing.

If long-term memory is a struggle, a child will find it difficult to retain sight words and often try to sound them out vs. quickly recognizing them. Then, as they get older and are expected to read more non-phonetic words (like “laugh” or “said”), they struggle because they cannot remember the strange exceptions in our language.

The other key skill is auditory processing. This skill enables a grasp of phonetics and the ability to properly blend sounds. If this is week, reading will be difficult.

The challenge is that typical tutoring programs mainly focus on doing additional reading. Although practicing reading can help, these reading strategies are not addressing the root cause of the struggles and leave skills like long-term memory and auditory processing unchanged. The end result – having to do reading tutoring year-after-year because the root cause is never addressed.

The ReadRx training program at LearningRx strengthens the weaknesses causing the reading struggle which is why we average a 3.5 year gain in reading achievement for the average school-aged student!

If you’d like to determine if these cognitive skills weaknesses are why your child is struggling with reading, call us to schedule the initial assessment. The insights gleaned from this can be life changing.