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12 Days of Christmas -- #11 – Meet Adele!

12 Days of Christmas -- #11 – Meet Adele!

Adele’s mom shares, “I can't begin to say how much this brain training changed my daughter's life. Before starting the program, she struggled with ADD-type qualities, spelling, processing things slowly, and getting her homework done in a timely fashion (as a 4th grader it took her around 2 hours every night).

She has now completed her LearningRx training. We no longer have to sit down by her side to do homework to keep her on task, her spelling has improved, she is SO confident, and her processing speed has improved. This program doesn't magically make you amazing at all the subjects, but rather helps the brain connections and speed of things, and also instills confidence that you can indeed do something! Thank you, LearningRx! You been amazing to work with!

We are so proud of Adele and the life changing training she experienced. If a child struggles to complete school work in a timely fashion and has a hard time working independently, it is usually a sign of some cognitive weaknesses – often weaknesses in skills like attention and processing speed. If you or a loved one struggles in these areas, call us today to schedule an initial assessment to identify the root cause of the struggles. We’d love to help in the same way we helped Adele!