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May I Have Your Attention? ADHD Does Not Have to Define You.

May I Have Your Attention?  ADHD Does Not Have to Define You.

Connor, from Prior Lake, divides his life into two distinct parts – life before LearningRx and life after LearningRx.

Connor was diagnosed with ADHD.  This diagnosis resulted in huge frustration and even tears.  He was completelty disorganized and homework took forever.  in eighth grade, things were getting worse as the expectations increased.  Connor had to spend so much time on school work that he was frustrated because he couldn’t do the extracurricular activities he wanted. His life was all school all the time. 

In spite of all the time he spent on his school work, his grades were not strong.   To Connor and his parents it seems like all of their life was consumed by homework before they finally reached out to LearningRx to see if LearningRx training could take away these frustrations for Connor.  The initial assessment revealed his processing speed was extremely low.  This weakness was a root cause of his difficulties as Connor could not complete work quickly and had to expend so much mental effort to get through school, that he struggled with attention and often zoned out.   It also impacted his motivation as he was often tired after getting through the school day. 

Since Connor completed his LearningRx training he hasn’t looked back!  Connor, now a senior at Prior Lake High School, is excelling and homework no longer brings frustration.  In fact, Connor scored in the 91st percentile on his ACT and was accepted into the college of his dreams!  Does Connor have ADHD?  Yes.  Since his LearningRx training, has his ADHD held him back?  Absolutely not!

“It really changed the way I learn, and that was key”, Connor recognizes. This is because LearningRx targets the root cause of common homework and attention issues: processing speed, short term memory, and executive processing. Connor’s dad Lee says, “We noticed improvements almost right away.”

And the benefits of those improvements are still with Connor today. Lee says, that even though Connor was in eighth grade when he started the program, LearningRx “impacts  his future regarding college” as well. The gains students achieve at LearningRx are long lasting because LearningRx helps the brain create new pathways that enable stronger skills and learning. 

If you have a child with attentions issues and/or ADHD and are tired of homework frustration, call LearningRx to see how we can help.  ADHD is the most common diagnosis we work with.  In fact, in the past several years we have worked with roughly 7,000 chidlren and adults diagnosed with ADHD.  We can help!  

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