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End Report Card Frustration

End Report Card Frustration

The semester is over and report cards are being sent home. When you look at your child’s report card, are you surprised by your child’s grades? We hear from parents all the time that a child’s grades don’t match his or her ability. There’s a reason for this mismatch. Often, these students may have some strong cognitive skills masking their weaknesses. In the classroom, these weaknesses can lead to poor grades or performance.

Try these strategies when you’ve reached the point of frustration with your child’s grades.undefined

What Can I Do to Help?

  • Review your child’s quizzes and tests. – Does he or she struggle on certain types of questions? The wording of questions may be confusing or he or she may have trouble eliminating answers that don’t make sense. Work with your child to develop a strategy for dealing with these types of questions.

  • Develop a plan for turning in homework. – Is missing homework the reason that your child has poor grades? Work with your child to develop a system for remembering to turn in homework. You may have a folder with a pocket for each class or try highlighting the top of each page that needs to be turned in.

  • Practice reading, even in math. – Students with poor reading skills can struggle in math because they are unable to read the problems. Work with your child on looking for key words like “in all” or “together” to determine how to solve the problem. In reading, help your child develop a strategy to read unfamiliar words. Can he or she sound them out or try finding smaller chunks within the word?

  • Measure your child’s cognitive skills. – Your child may have cognitive weaknesses that make school more difficult. If you discover how these weaknesses are impacting your child, it is much easier to develop an action plan to alleviate the weaknesses.

End the Frustration

You and your child don’t have to be constantly frustrated over poor grades. LearningRx can help end the frustration by finding out the exact reasons why your child is struggling through a comprehensive cognitive assessment.

With an hour-long cognitive assessment, you can determine why your child is struggling. You will come away from the assessment and consultation appointment with a solution to help your child be successful and gain confidence. Turn an “I can’t” into an “I can” with the help of LearningRx.

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