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Break the Road Trip Boredom

Break the Road Trip Boredom

Are you traveling over the holidays with the kids?

Keep their brains active on a road trip by trying out these fun brain games.

1. License Plate Memory
Pick out a car’s license plate and come up with a strategy to help you remember all the letters and numbers on the plate. For example, MH9-L3W could be, “My Hen has 9 Legs and 3 Wings.” See if your kids can remember the license plate after some time has passed.

2. Word Links
Think of a category of words. For example, “Sports Words” or “Things at the Beach.” The first player says one word that goes in the category. The next player thinks of a word that belongs in the category but starts with the last letter of the previous player’s word.

In the category, “Things at the Beach,” the first player could say “Sand.” The next player needs to think of something at the beach that begins with a “d,” so the word could be “dolphin.” After that, the player needs to think of a word that starts with “n” and so on.

See how many words you can get in a row!

3. Photo Recall
Find a picture on your phone or tablet that has many different details. Describe the photo to your kids with as much detail as possible. After you describe the photo, have your kids tell you the description again. See how many details they can recall.

For an added challenge, see if they can draw the photo as you describe it.

4. Riddle Me This
Give your kids some riddles and see if they can solve them. Try or Icebreaker Ideas.

5. Go Backwards
Your kids can probably sing the alphabet song but have you ever had them try to do it backwards. Practice singing it backwards without missing any letters. See if they can build their speed after practicing.

For an extra challenge, practice spelling people’s name’s or the place where you are going backwards.

Happy holidays!