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Trainer of the Month Drake Cappi

Trainer of the Month Drake Cappi

Congratulations Drake!

Drake brings his expertise to LearningRx as a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. Armed with a psychology degree, experience as a teaching assistant, and passion for seeing his student’s breakthrough their challenges, Drake has facilitated amazing results.

His clients have ranged from 6 to 65 years of age and he loves the opportunity that has given him to grow as a brain trainer. While at UCI, he also worked at the Infant and Toddler Center, giving him vast experience in early childhood development.

LearningRx is the perfect place for Drake to put his teaching and interpersonal skills to work, and he finds it incredibly rewarding to see his clients improvements and confidence gained, through brain training.

He is also passionate about provoking emotions and capturing pieces of time through his hobby of film photography.

Whether in person or remotely, Drake brings an enthusiasm and passion to every session!

Drake Cappi and Student