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An ADHD diagnosis can be emotionally upsetting for both children and adults, often generating more questions than answers. It can be a confusing and frustrating process to work through ADHD-related issues and find effective solutions. Many people find themselves searching outside traditional therapy and treatment programs for answers and support. LearningRx Woodlands offers an alternative approach to typical ADHD treatment with our specialized Brain Training programs. We provide innovative, non-traditional methods and take a comprehensive approach to dealing with ADHD issues which identifies, isolates, and trains cognitive skills.

Our approach assists those individuals struggling with focusing, maintaining emotional control, and organizing their thoughts. Previous LearningRx students have seen marked improvement in their ability to successfully manage the challenges ADHD brings. LearningRx Woodlands does not diagnose or offer medical treatment for children and adults who struggle with ADHD, but we do provide advanced methods that work with each individual to improve their ability to pay attention, focus, and control their emotions. Because of the personal nature of the training relationship utilized in our customized approach, LearningRx brain trainers can work with each individual to achieve results that can be life changing.

LearningRx Woodlands will help you identify and address your specific challenges, help you determine your personal goals, and provide you with a customized Brain Training program to address issues with definitive action and improve any cognitive skills that may be deficient.

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