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Our Team

  • Lindsey Powell
    Lindsey Powell Owner & Director

    Welcome! I’m Lindsey Powell, Center Director of LearningRx in Maple Grove. It is such an honor and so rewarding to be able to help so many student’s close academic skill gaps by strengthening their cognitive skills. I began my professional life as a teacher, first as a classroom teacher then managing a tutoring center. Over time I found myself looking for answers on how to better support struggling learners. Upon joining LearningRx in 2013, I found the answer. Since then I have worked with hundreds of students, each with their own individual and uniquely amazing successes. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child develop the necessary skills to succeed and choose to read for pleasure. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Nate Maus
    Nate Maus Director of Training

  • Noah Sievert
    Noah Sievert Trainer Supervisor

    I’ve been working at LearningRx since Spring 2013. Prior to that, I had an internship at the Center for Spirituality and Healing where I explored the effects of mindfulness on the brain. I enjoy working with students of all ages and adults, helping them to improve their skills and achieve their goals. Whether we are working on reading, attention, or self-accountability with school, I love to challenge clients to move beyond their current skill levels to reach new heights.

  • Chiamaka Okonkwo
    Chiamaka Okonkwo Lead Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Chiamaka majored in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and she grew up in the Twin Cities area. Her hobbies include reading, running, and listening to music. Her favorite brain training activity is Reasoning Brain Cards. Chiamaka loves Brain Training because she says, " It is an extremely rewarding experience to see the positive changes that Brain Training has on a student's confidence and in their ability to learn. "

  • Nicole Santelman
    Nicole Santelman Director of First Impressions

    As Director of First Impressions I have the privilege of being the initial contact as the families enter the center. I enjoy getting to know all of the family members and seeing how everyone grows while the student goes through our programs. Watching the enthusiasm, confidence and maturity that these students develop over the course of the program is the thing I love most about my job!

  • Linda Ryan
    Linda Ryan Director of First Impressions

    My career has spanned 31 years working with higher education professionals in the executive assistant role. I’ve had the opportunity to work with six private university and community college presidents and numerous board members in my dual role as Board Secretary. I come from Iowa where I worked and retired from Drake University in Des Moines. I also served for eight years in the role as Executive Director of the National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education while working at Drake. I feel that my career has come full circle now that I’m working at LearningRx as Director of First Impressions. It is very rewarding to see students at this age be able to shape their learning trajectory so that when they reach college age, they will have all the tools they need to be successful in their chosen professions. So why did I move “North”? My daughter married a guy from here and they have three great kids in the Delano School System. I just followed them and I’m loving it!

  • Samantha Ohlendorf
    Samantha Ohlendorf Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Hi! I’m Samantha, I came to LearningRx with a B.A degree in Child Psychology from University Minnesota - Twin Cities. My favorite thing about LearningRx is applying what I’ve learned in my own studies. A few things about me: I love Dogs & I like to bake chocolate chip cookies. Outside of LearningRx you will find me reading, longboarding, listening to music, or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Anna Frazier
    Anna Frazier Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Hi! I’m Anna, I came to LearningRx with a Psychology degree from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I LOVE getting to know my students and teaching them my favorite brain training games. Outside of LearningRx you will find me playing board games, reading, knitting/crocheting & listening to my favorite music.

  • Kara Brathwaite
    Kara Brathwaite Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Hi! I’m Kara, I came to LearningRx with a degree from Malone University in Psychology. My favorite procedure to train at LearningRx is Reasoning Brain Cards because I LOVE doing logic puzzles. My favorite motto is to learn to love the little and small blessings, as well as the big ones! Outside of LearningRx you will find me enjoying writing, reading, baking, and drawing.