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Brain Training in Minnetonka

Cognitive Skill Training That Helps kids and adults perform better in school and in life

Does your child struggle to pay attention in school? Is your middle schooler behind in reading? Do you have a student at Minnetonka High School studying for the ACT or SAT? Can you remember what your boss said in your last meeting? At LearningRx we have helped over 100,000 people with challenges such as these through research-based programs shown to improve daily learning and performance.

Whether you’re searching for assistance with your memory or the cognitive skills of a loved one, you can rely on our team at LearningRx for reliable and friendly service. Our Minnetonka brain training services continue to go unmatched. Designed to be challenging and a lot of fun, our mental games and exercises help develop your cognitive skills.

Do you have questions? If so, give our team a call at (952) 679-7107 or contact us online to learn more about our services in Minnetonka.

What Is Brain Training?

At LearningRx, we help you strengthen the cognitive skills that are integral to thinking, learning, reading, memory, and attention. Think of brain training as like having a personal trainer for your brain. Every client is paired with their own personal brain trainer for one-on-one sessions of challenging and fun mental exercises that are scientifically shown to improve memory, attention, logic & reasoning, processing speed, visual and auditory processing and more. So instead of re-teaching subject matter like a tutor would, we get to the root cause of why someone is struggling to learn; and by targeting and training their weak skills, we empower them to perform better, learn easier, and get back on track.

See how this Minnetonka boy improved his attention skills and academic performance with LearningRx.

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Who Can Benefit from Brain Training?

One of the most common questions we get has a simple answer: adults and children of all ages! Whether you have a second grader with reading struggles, a sixth-grader who can’t remember to turn his homework in, or a senior in high school who may not be ready for college, LearningRx helps students all around Lake Minnetonka with various educational needs. Our local team targets each client’s weaknesses and strengthens them to learn, perform, and comprehend better, faster, and easier.

Some of the areas brain training can help with:

  • ADHD An attention disorder can cause you trouble at work, school, or even completing daily tasks at home. Kids and adults with attention issues often have deficits in working memory, processing speed, and other areas which all impact one’s ability to pay attention and complete schoolwork. LearningRx offers a natural approach to improve attention and executive function without medication. Published research has shown that LearningRx training improves attention skills along with academic performance, behavior, and cognition.

  • Reading Need reading help in Minnetonka? Auditory processing is the cognitive skill the brain uses to hear, segment, and blend sounds—and it is foundational to successful reading. More than 20 percent of students throughout Minnetonka and the USA have difficulty learning to read. 85% of reading issues are linked to weak auditory processing and other cognitive skills. Students who struggle with reading need more than just a reading tutor, so we pinpoint the cognitive skills which are keeping students from learning to read. Then we strengthen those skills through a training regimen, so that learning is made easier, and the students can catch up.

  • Dyslexia– Dyslexia is not about reversing letters. It is a learning disability that makes learning to read difficult for some students. Dyslexia is a neurological processing disorder that deals with the speed of processing sound and linking phonological code to the written word. Our professionals at LearningRx have worked with thousands of students diagnosed with dyslexia in Minnetonka and surrounding areas and throughout the country to improve their reading ability. LearningRx’s reading program is so powerful because it goes beyond what Orton Gillingham or other forms of tutoring can do by addressing all of the cognitive weaknesses that the student may have along with their dyslexia.

  • Math- If your child just needs help with today’s math homework, LearningRx is may not be the best fit. However, if you find yourself having to help your kids with math assignments night after night, then it may be time to consider why math is so difficult for them. There is usually a reason why students struggle with math, and it often comes down to weaknesses in memory, attention, logic & reasoning, or processing speed.

  • Learning Disabilities- Whether a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, receptive-expressive language disorder, a non-verbal learning disorder or other learning disabilities, LearningRx always starts with trying to understand the reasons why an individual is struggling to learn. Our initial assessment looks at the specific cognitive skills which underlie the learning challenges. Then we strengthen those skills through a brain training program working one-on-one with a certified trainer using research based techniques which have been shown to improve performance for students with these learning disabilities.

  • Adults: LearningRx works with adults in Excelsior, Edina, Eden Prairie, Chaska and all around Lake Minnetonka. For adults the situation may involve challenges in learning new material, paying attention, or remembering details at work. It could be the cognitive impairments do to a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI); or just the declines in memory, recall, or mental acuity that comes with aging. In each case, we start with an assessment to understand the individual needs and then customize a one-on-one brain training program.

We are proud to have helped clients with a wide variety of conditions, including dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, autism spectrum, traumatic brain injury (TBI), memory decline, plus struggles with homework and learning disabilities. A true fitness routine for the brain, clients continue to find success in LearningRx every day.

Benefits of Brain Training

Every day, thousands of individuals turn to LearningRx to improve their mental strength and cognitive skills. From becoming a faster thinker to having a sharper memory, our services are designed to enhance your brain’s overall processing power.

  • Improved reading and comprehension
  • Better focus and attention
  • Quicker thinking and test taking
  • Better memory
  • Less time on homework
  • Enhanced confidence

Participating in routine brain training include:

All in all, our Minnetonka LearningRx Center continues to provide residents of the local and surrounding areas with the personalized brain training needed to improve their daily lives. From memory to processing power, our training services are designed to help you in school, work, or wherever else life may take you. If you need help with cognitive development in Minnetonka, be sure to turn to LearningRx today!

Give us a call at (952) 679-7107 or contact us online to learn more about our services today!

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