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Homework Frustration Overcome!

Homework Frustration Overcome!

Josiah is a 16-year-old who was completely frustrated with high school. Homework took forever and his parents had to be constantly nagging him to complete it.

We assessed Josiah and discovered he had deficiencies in working memory and processing speed.

The working memory made Josiah forgetful, and he had a hard time organizing his thoughts. It also impacted his reading comprehension as he had to constantly re-read materials.

The processing speed weaknesses made everything more difficult than it seemed it should be. This made school extremely difficult as Josiah struggled with attention, motivation and often felt overwhelmed. Homework took all his evening time!

We worked with Josiah to strengthen these skills and the results were outstanding.

“Josiah feels very differently about school and his cognitive abilities. He is learning and processing at a much higher level and is no longer laboriously working on homework hour after hour - his ability to process, retain and recreate is significantly improved.

He secretly thought he was dumb and had learning issues - he now knows he is able to achieve more then he can imagine.”

This is the power of addressing the root cause of a learning deficiency. Josiah is now a confident high school student and is excited and confident about his future!

His parents are thrilled that the homework battles have vanished, and Josiah is now organized and working independently on his schoolwork.