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Strong Reading Fluency and Comprehension Unlocked!

Strong Reading Fluency and Comprehension Unlocked!

Options for reading help are numerous and diverse. There are speed reading courses, computer-assisted reading systems, and memory reading plans. There are phonics games, whole word reading methods, traditional classroom and tutor-based reading curricula. Each of these reading systems presume that students already have basic cognitive skills in place to process sounds and associate them correctly with letters and concepts. This presumption continues to be a source of heartache for many teachers, parents, and students searching for reading help.

Successful Reading Starts with Core Brain Skills

Many reading programs can produce some level of reading progress for students who possess underlying cognitive skills, but for those with weaker foundations, the wide variety of reading programs can become a trap.

Every year, parents and schools spend thousands of dollars on programs which have little chance of significantly helping students with weak skills. Here is why they fail. Fluent reading is the by-product of strong cognitive skills, particularly auditory processing. To be successful, reading programs must start at this foundational level, build stronger cognitive skills, and then put these strengthened abilities to proper use.

The mainstream research on reading programs and reading success agrees that a solid foundation in cognitive skills is the single most important component missing in most struggling readers.

Studies show that 85% of struggling readers have significant weaknesses in auditory processing, particularly phonemic awareness. Therefore, reading programs that start by strengthening underlying cognitive skills hold the key to long-term reading achievement.

Cognitive Skills Training at LearningRx

At LearningRx, our reading programs identify and strengthen the weak skills at the root of most reading struggles. We start with a comprehensive cognitive skills assessment to identify the root cause of the reading struggle and then structure a one-on-one training strategy to address those issues, laying the foundation for a lifetime of reading success.

As a result of decades of research and studies, LearningRx has developed several proprietary training programs that strengthen auditory processing, visual processing, attention skills, memory skills and processing speed. Fluent reading is the by-product of strong cognitive skills which is why our students see such significant jumps in reading ability. Most reading help is just more reading, which can help as repetition and practice helps, but because these tutoring type strategies never address the root cause of the reading difficulty, gains are minimal and short-lived. Instead, LearningRx works one-on-one with students, taking them through a customized series of fun, challenging mental exercises that target and strengthen weak skills. In fact, before- and-after testing shows that our clients gain an average of 3.6 skill years in auditory processing, one of the most critical skills for successful reading.

If your child struggles with reading, there is hope! If you have been investing in school interventions and tutoring with little improvement, it is likely the root cause of your child’s reading struggles have not been identified or addressed. Call us today to schedule an initial assessment to get the reading help to unlock your child’s reading fluency and comprehension!