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Meet Jack – Student #7 who moved mountains!!

Meet Jack – Student #7 who moved mountains!!

Jack had a tough start as he had to battle a rare type of cancer at a young age. Per his parents, “We were told by oncology that his cognitive skills would likely not improve.” Well, because of his LearningRx training that proved to be untrue!

Before LearningRx, Jack could not sit still and he had low self- confidence. Within a few weeks of his training he was more calm and he is able to work independently.

Jack’s test scores have drastically improved. He was consistently scoring between 55-65% on tests. He now scores 80-100% consistently. He is also open to trying new things.

The improvement that we have seen in our son, Jack, would not have been possible without the innovative, personalized approach offered at LearningRx. More important than his academic growth, we have seen a change in his confidence and his level of happiness.

From the time that we started to where we are now, Jack has improved more than we thought possible in a short amount of time. With the help of LearningRx, he has moved mountains!