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Happy December!

Happy December!

To celebrate the 12 days of Christmas we are celebrating our 12 LearningRx Student stories this month:

Meet Emily

Emily came to us during her 7th grade year. She had done OK in her elementary grades but really struggled once she entered middle school. Emily was getting poor grades and had a lot of difficulty passing tests. She also struggled with organization, had many late or missing assignments and could not focus. Her struggles were really sinking Emily’s confidence and was putting a lot of strain on her relationship with her mother as her struggles caused a lot of conflict in the home. We identified the root cause of Emily’s struggles – mainly weaknesses in long-term memory and processing speed.

Emily had a great connection with her trainer, Anna, and looked forward to her training sessions. Day-by-day, Emily was passing levels and gaining more and more confidence. Her grades also improved and by the end of the program her mom exclaimed “Emily is so confident now and her spark is back!”. Emily’s long-term memory skills tripled and she saw a huge jump in her processing speed.

We are super proud of Emily and so blessed to have had the privilege of helping her get her groove back.