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Congratulations, Kaitlin – Student Feature #8!

Congratulations, Kaitlin – Student Feature #8!

Kaitlin came to LearningRx because her dream was to become a nurse, but she was struggling to get through nursing school. She was incredibly motivated, but she had some cognitive skills like processing speed and long-term memory that were making test taking and staying on top of her work extremely difficult for her. 100% of Kaitlin’s days were spent trying to keep up with all the course work she needed to complete and she was exhausted and anxious.

She completed her LearningRx training last spring and now nursing school is an entirely different experience for her! Her mom shares that she has so much more confidence and her first big nursing exam resulted in a B+! There’s been a huge improvement in her writing skills, understanding the assignment, her sentence structure, and being able to organize her thoughts.

She has adjusted really well to living on her own and is much more able to tackle the obstacles in her path! The training LearningRx provided has made a huge impact for Katlin. Thank you!

Way to go, Kaitlin, we are super proud of you!!