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Woodbury student, Jayden Fryer, wins runner-up for Student of the Year award!

Woodbury student, Jayden Fryer, wins runner-up for Student of the Year award!

Jayden Fryer is a Woodbury teenager who struggles with autism. His grandmother, Jackie, was frustrated with local schools and programs that often discounted his potential and abilities.

“Jayden struggled in school a whole lot due to his autism diagnosis,” explains Jayden’s grandmother. “I had him tested at LearningRx and we found out just what I thought: he had a lot to offer that nobody was tapping into. I had heard all the success stories and I wanted that success for Jayden. I wanted a light at the end of my tunnel and I didn’t have a light until [LearningRx].”

At first, Jayden’s LearningRx trainer, Sara, worried that she wouldn’t be an adequate trainer for his needs. “Over time, we developed a rhythm of training. I learned how to pick up on his clues and he taught me how to be his trainer. I even attended his Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting at the school to lend support for him and explain how much he had progressed. By the end of his program, no student had taught me more about the capacity of the mind than Jayden. In addition, no student has had a greater impact on other students and trainers.”

“Jayden has BLOSSOMED at LearningRx!” says Jayden’s grandmother. “He’s more outgoing. He knows that he knows stuff and people here are teaching him and he’s happy with himself. He’s more willing to try and he follows directions better. He loves himself and what he can do. I saw how much better he felt about himself. I tell everybody, go to LearningRx. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Whether the diagnosis in autism, ADHD, dyslexia or general struggles, LearningRx can help because we address the root cause of learning struggles. And, because our training is all 1-on-1, either in-person or remote, every program is customized to an individual’s specific needs.

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