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About the Center

We have loved being part of the Woodbury community since we opened in 2011! My name is Rich Frieder and my wife, Adele, and I were motivated to open the Woodbury location so that other families could have access to the same help our youngest daughter, Catie, had the privilege to enjoy. At a young age, Catie was diagnosed with ADHD , sensory issues and expressive language delays and these struggles were making school incredibly hard for Catie and negatively impacting her self-esteem. Her LearningRx training helped her get off her ADHD medication and she now loves to read!

Since opening in 2011, we have received numerous awards including Community Impact Awards and multiple awards for Outstanding Customer Service. If you have a family member who struggles with attention issues (ADHD), reading struggles (Dyselxia), motivation or low confidence, we can absolutely help! We go the extra mile to get great results for our families and provide an outstanding customer experience.

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