Cognitive skills are the fundamental tools the brain uses to perform mental tasks, including learning, reading, remembering, and paying attention. These skills include: attention, auditory processing, and memory, along with visual processing, logic & reasoning, and processing speed.

It just makes sense that when these skills are stronger, life and learning are easier.

One-on-one brain training is an innovative form of cognitive training that pairs personal trainers with clients for game-like mental exercises that strengthen foundational cognitive skills. One-on-one brain training is a popular intervention for children and teens who are struggling with learning or schoolwork. Now a growing number of adults are signing up for brain training as clients.

Brain training helps clients of all ages because it strengthens the core skills the brain relies on to think, learn, read, remember, reason, pay attention, and solve problems—mental processes we use every day, in every area of life.

Our experience with adults aged 50 and older

Let’s look at the impact of LearningRx brain training on just one group of adults—adults aged 50 and older.

Over a six-year period, 262 adults over the age of 50 came to LearningRx. We measured the cognitive performance of these clients before brain training, and again after brain training. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Among 262 clients over the age of 50, the most dramatic improvements were seen in working memory (also known as short-term memory), long-term memory, processing speed, and IQ.
  • Working memory improved an average of 25 percentile points following LearningRx brain training.
  • IQ scores improved by an average of 19 standard points after LearningRx brain training.

Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:

*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results.
What are “percentiles”?

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We call it brain training. Our clients (and their families) call it life changing.
Find out if cognitive training can make life easier for you or someone you love. The first step is to call a LearningRx center near you and schedule an initial brain skills Assessment. The Assessment takes about an hour and is very reasonably priced. Even better, it will give you a world of information about cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as insights into the next best step. Call us today and get the answers you need.

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