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At LearningRx, we frequently hear from concerned parents about the amount of time it takes their child to finish their homework. In many cases, a 15-minute assignment can take their child an hour or longer. At our brain training center, we can help parents understand what is causing these struggles by identifying and strengthening weak cognitive skills. We have studies that show that clients who often take too long to finish their homework usually have a weakness with one or more brain skills.

Brain Training Goes Beyond Tutoring

Brain training and tutoring are two very different solutions to two very different problems. In the case of homework struggles, cognitive skills training identifies and addresses the root cause, whereas tutoring merely tries to suppress a weakness for a limited amount of time. Tutoring is great for delivering information or explaining it further, while brain training can help make learning that information easier the first time.

Taking the First Step

If your child is continually experiencing homework struggles, we invite you to learn more about our services so that we can work toward a brighter, easier future. It all begins with our free brain quiz, which will give you insight into why your child is experiencing certain challenges and which brain skills may need to be targeted.

After you take the free brain quiz for your child, you should schedule a Brain Skills Assessment at your local LearningRx. This test is reasonably priced, takes about an hour to complete, and will provide valuable information.

With our Assessment, we’ll be able to:

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Brain training uses workout sessions to target weaker skills and improve your overall cognitive performance.

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