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How to Improve Cognitive Skills

Ready to Strengthen Your Core Cognitive Skills?

Many parents initially turn to tutoring when their child is struggling, which involves continually reviewing subject matter, but we’re here to tell you about how strengthening core cognitive skills might be the answer your child needs to thrive in and out of the classroom.

Give Yourself a “Brain Workout”

How do you strengthen your muscles? You work out! And your brain is no different. It needs to be “flexed,” too. We call this “brain training.”

Here are some tips for successful brain training:

  • Intensity. Just like physical exercise, you get out what you put in. Mental workouts need to be challenging to improve cognitive skills!

  • Consistency. You can’t just go to the gym a few times or just exercise once a week to see noticeable results, right?

  • Human Delivery. Now, you don’t need a personal trainer at the gym to see results, but it can help. Research also shows that brain training via human delivery can deliver much better results versus brain workouts by yourself or brain games on your phone.

Here’s a short video on how we’ve helped train over 100,000 brains the right way at LearningRx!

Why Improve Cognitive Skills?

We use our cognitive skills for just about everything we do. Usually, when a child is struggling with ADHD, learning, reading/dyslexia, processing speed, or memorizing information, these struggles are being caused by one or more weaker cognitive skills.

Tutoring can be very helpful to catch you up to speed on a specific subject or class at school, but tutoring doesn’t address the root cause of these struggles.

We start all of our clients off with a Brain Skills Assessment to help uncover what cognitive skill deficiencies are causing the day-to-day struggles you see in your student. Then, we develop a 1-on-1 tailored brain training program (in-person or online) to help meet your child’s biggest needs.

Hear from one parent on the power of brain training!

Strengthen Your Cognitive Skills Today!

Discover if one or more weaker cognitive skills may be causing your child to struggle in and out of the classroom today with our free, three-minute Brain Quiz!

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Brain training uses workout sessions to target weaker skills and improve your overall cognitive performance.

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