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My Bright Child Struggles: Could Brain Training Help?

My Bright Child Struggles: Could Brain Training Help?

Have you ever wondered why your bright child struggles? You know your child better than anyone. You see their keen attention to detail and their hunger for knowledge. They are an exceptional athlete and love solving true crime stories before all the pieces come together at the end of the show.

And yet.

They seem to have to work way harder in school than their peers to achieve the same grades.

And they can’t keep their room organized to save their life.

Where does the struggle lie? What’s going on?

Demystifying the struggle

Children are considered gifted “when their ability is significantly above the normal range,” according to the National Association of Gifted Children. While some children are gifted across the board, others display an aptitude for or brilliance in certain areas while struggling in others. This asynchrony, or wide discrepancy between strengths and weaknesses or developmental patterns, must be addressed to help your child succeed. “Trying harder” just doesn’t cut it. These smart children have a great capacity for learning but need intervention to avoid a lifetime of frustration.

Parents and teachers will often observe weak executive functioning skills in otherwise bright children. Early in school, these higher-level thinking skills are needed for keeping their desk organized, engaging appropriately with other kids and regulating their emotions. As children move into high school, executive skills help students dissect and interpret poetry, utilize deductive reasoning and write compelling papers all while effectively managing their time and keeping their materials organized.

Strategies for boosting executive skills

If your bright child is struggling with weak executive skills, don’t fret. These skills can often be sharpened with patience and practice.

As school becomes increasingly academic and rigorous, your smart child might not be able to coast through without learning how to implement organizational strategies.

If they have a lot of assignments and projects on their plate, help them to map out a plan to chip away at these tasks a little bit at a time and complete them before they’re due. Buy them a physical planner or use an app to block out times to work on each assignment or different parts of each project. This not only creates a framework for getting their schoolwork done but it adds a visual component that can make it easier for your child to wrap their mind around each step and encourage them that success is possible!

Look for other strategies you can implement with your child to help them grow in executive functioning.

Brain training through LearningRx can give your bright child the boost they need

There are times, however, when helping your smart child fill in some gaps isn’t as straightforward as helping them develop systems and strategies. That’s because weak cognitive skills are to blame.

Cognitive skills include attention, long-term and working memory, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, visual processing and processing speed. When one or more of these skills are weak, information can’t be grasped, used and/or retrieved no matter how hard your student tries.

Enter brain training.

Brain training is cognitive skills training that helps to rewire the brain through the formation of new neural pathways.

This training is accomplished through a series of fun, engaging and challenging mental exercises with a certified LearningRx brain trainer.

Strong cognitive skills can make it easier for your child to excel in certain academic areas, manage their emotions, create and follow steps to accomplish a goal, organize their environment...the list goes on!

For over 35 years, LearningRx has been helping children and adults boost weak cognitive skills and make learning easier. We’ve helped thousands of clients with reading struggles and dyslexia, attention struggles and ADHD, memory decline, learning disabilities and more.

Because many of our clients are exceptionally bright and gifted, they often delay pursuing brain training but when trying harder only creates more frustration, they come in as a last resort.

Why wait?

If you suspect that weak cognitive skills lie at the heart of yours or your child’s learning struggles, take our free Brain Quiz! Once you complete the quiz, we will set up a time to go through the results with you in detail and map out a custom plan to help you boost these weak areas. Learning can be easier...and more fun!