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Selective Attention Test

Think you’ve got a knack for catching every detail? Then this video is for you.Did you know there are three types of attention? They are: sustained, divided, and selective. Sustained attention is the ability to stay focused on a task over an extended period of time. Divided attention, used when we multitask, is the ability to remember information while paying attention to two things at once. Selective attention is the ability to remain focused on a task while distracted by unrelated input. Buzzfeed has created this video demonstrating a few interesting things about attention, particularly divided and selective. It pretty much busts the myth of multitasking (which is why texting and driving is really texting OR driving) and, well, is just plain fun to watch. Take a peek at this video and see if you’re able to catch everything that happens in the scene. We’re willing to make a bet that you’ll miss a bit (or a lot, like we did!).