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If you struggle with learning and retaining information, you may not know that approximately 80% of all learning struggles are caused by a weakness in cognitive skills. LearningRx Woodlands specializes in identifying and strengthening those cognitive skills associated with learning and knowledge retention. Brain training allows you to change how you retain knowledge regardless of how information is delivered. This happens because the cognitive skills associated with logic, memory, auditory processing, and attention become stronger and work better.

If you have tried various methods to improve your ability to learn and retain information and nothing has given you the results you desire, you may be thinking of hiring a tutor for some one on one help. Tutoring works by reteaching information that wasn’t grasped the first time around. However, if the cognitive skills you need to learn and retain information are not improved, tutoring will not offer you the success you crave. If you’re challenged by an inability to learn and retain knowledge using conventional methods, you may think there is no answer for you. We would like to challenge that notion by offering you a solution you may not have considered.

LearningRx Woodlands uses innovative alternative methods to offer people who struggle with learning a real, viable alternative solution to their learning issues. Our unique brain training programs offer a true solution by working with you to identify and strengthen the cognitive skills you need to improve in order to learn faster, better, and retain more information. Our Brain training programs will help you change be victorious over your learning challenges. We can help you learn how to use the tools your brain uses to learn and retain knowledge, making it much easier for you to learn. Graduates of our programs will tell you they saw a real improvement in their abilities after taking advantage of the brain training offered by Learning Rx Woodlands.

If you have been looking for something different, consider taking advantage of LearningRx Woodland’s brain training programs to strengthen the cognitive skills associated with learning and retaining information. Reach out to us today, and let us design a personalized brain training program that will give you the solution for your learning issues.

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