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Struggling Students at Home and in The Classroom

Does your child seem to constantly struggle with classroom assignments and homework? Are both of you becoming exasperated by the whole learning process? When your student struggles with a learning disability, it can be difficult for both of you. Challenges with core academic courses such as reading, math, science and English, difficulty paying attention, comprehension problems, and a lack of retention often leave teachers and parents pushing a student to complete extra assignments or enroll in a tutoring program. But extra work doesn’t always solve the problem. If you’ve tried these or other methods only to continue the struggle without improvement, or if you’re concerned that your child might need something entirely different to help them become a successful student, LearningRx Sugarland has the answer.

When we learn, our brains rely on a complex set of cognitive skills to process, understand, and retain the subject matter we’re taught, no matter how old we are. These learning skills include attention, short and long-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed. When any one of these cognitive skills aren’t working properly, it can make completing school lessons and homework assignments close to impossible.

Unfortunately, these essential learning skills are neither tested nor addressed in most traditional classroom and tutoring situations. LearningRx Sugarland has groundbreaking programs that identify and isolate which cognitive skills need help. LearningRx Sugarland’s amazing one-on-one brain training programs helps your student master the skills they need to succeed at home and in the classroom.

Don’t let classroom struggles and homework frustration continue for another day! See how a personalized one-on-one brain training program from LearningRx Sugarland can change things by improving your child’s cognitive skills with lasting results. Learn how LearningRx has helped over 100,000 students just like yours. Get started on the road to better learning by taking our free brain skills quiz today.

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