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Dyslexia & Brain Training in Sugar Land

Often, learning disorders are met with shame, embarrassment, and disbelief. Many adults living with conditions such as dyslexia don’t seek assistance because they’re unsure where to turn to get the support they need without feeling judged.

Our team at LearningRx - Sugar Land has compassionate and professional learning specialists experienced in supporting individuals living with various cognitive disorders. We make sure our clients feel comfortable and confident in themselves so they can thrive during and after our brain training sessions are complete.

When you allow us to partner with you, you can expect:

  • Engaging activities that get your mind working sans the traditional workbook
  • To learn new methods and techniques to overcome virtually any learning disorder
  • A judgment-free and distraction-free environment conducive to learning

5-10% of Americans show signs of dyslexia throughout their lives. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the resources available to work through difficulties. Our results-based dyslexia support and brain training can help you or someone you love achieve long-term success and eliminate any shame or embarrassment once and for all.

Questions About Our Dyslexia Training Program

How long will dyslexia training last?

We don’t like to place a timeline on our training program because everyone works at their own pace. However, usually, our programs are between 12-34 weeks. Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one has the tools they need to work through dyslexia and learning conditions like it. We will discuss the duration of the program when we meet directly to glean more information and work out a schedule that suits you.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of our program can vary depending on the duration of your brain training program and the extent of the support you’ll need. If you have any questions regarding pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (281) 429-8600.

Do I have to purchase any materials before beginning the program?

When you work with our Sugar Land team, you won’t have to worry about purchasing any workbooks or similar materials because we don’t think workbooks are effective ways of learning with dyslexia. We design a program that is engaging and incorporates activities to help with real-world situations and challenges.

Will I work with multiple learning specialists or just one?

We want you to feel comfortable with all of our learning specialists, but you will have a designated person to work with you during your hour-long sessions. We don’t think rotating learning specialists is productive to your brain training experience.

If you have more questions about our dyslexia and brain training program in Sugar Land, call us at (281) 429-8600.

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