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Has your child tried everything possible to improve his or her ability to learn and retain information? Do they struggle with learning in a classroom situation, trying various techniques including a tutor, only to fight a losing battle? If your child is frustrated by an inability to learn and retain knowledge using standard techniques, you may think you’ve exhausted every possibility. If you think there’s no way for your child to be successful in their struggle to learn, we’d like to propose a solution you may not have considered.

LearningRx Sugarland could be the answer you’ve been searching for. Our methods may not be traditional, but they are successful. We offer an alternative for those people who struggle with learning in conventional settings. Our customized brain training programs offer a solution for those who have difficulty learning. Our expertly trained brain trainers work with each individual to identify and strengthen the cognitive skills needed to learn faster, better, and retain more information. Brain training helps change the way our students learn by improving their cognitive skills, making it easier to learn regardless of how information is presented to them. Our graduates can attest to the huge difference they saw after graduating from one of Learning Rx Sugarland’s advanced programs.

If your child has tried and failed with traditional methods of learning, why not consider LearningRx Sugarland’s customized brain training programs? We will work with your child one-on-one to improve the cognitive skills associated with learning and retaining information. Let us design a brain training program that gives your child the tools to be a successful learner.

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