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How You Can Be More Productive & Healthy By Boosting Cognitive Skills

How You Can Be More Productive & Healthy By Boosting Cognitive Skills

Often we believe that as adults, our brains just are the way they are. Childhood is the time of learning and growth, right?

Not so fast!

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to grow and change, at any age. This means it’s never too late to boost memory, increase processing speed, improve logic & reasoning skills, and build attention skills.

Improving these skills can lead to increased productivity and focus and greater success in the workplace (as well as an improved quality of life as you age)!


We all wish there were more hours in the day, but what if you could do more with the time you do have?

Often it is not a lack of motivation or poor time management that derails our productivity. Instead, it is weaker brain skills in these areas that make it harder to complete our to-do lists:

Processing speed is just what it sounds like: how long it takes for your brain to process information. Slow processing speed can lead to tasks dragging out, decreased productivity, easier burnout, and feelings of frustration.

Attention is the ability to stay focused on a task, ignore distractions, and even multitask. Weakness in attention looks like constantly jumping between tasks, trouble completing anything, or getting easily distracted.

Logic and Reasoning helps you problem-solve to come up with the easiest or most efficient solutions. If you find yourself re-doing tasks, constantly asking “what should I do next?” or feeling stuck or overwhelmed, this is an area that you should focus on.

Learn more about the benefits of brain training for adult cognitive skills and see the amazing gains our adult clients have experienced here.


Feeling like your memory is fading is scary. A weaker memory can stress you out and burden you with thoughts of “what’s going to go next?”

If you are noticing an abnormal level of forgetfulness and an inability to recall things from the past, LearningRx may be able to help.

Though we can’t diagnose or cure memory decline, we offer one-on-one brain training and cognitive development programs that can help improve your performance and enhance your quality of life.

Just like you workout specific muscle groups in physical therapy or at the gym to relieve pain or improve your lifestyle, memory is a cognitive skill that can be improved and strengthened to make you healthier mentally.

LearningRx has worked with hundreds of older adults, many of whom reported age-related memory decline. The median age of these clients is 61.3, and they experienced an average of:

  • 24 percentile point increase in long-term memory
  • 21 percentile point increase in working memory
  • 16 percentile point increase in logic & reasoning

Read more about how brain training works for declining memory in adults here.


Whether you’re in your 20s or your 90s (or anywhere in between), strengthening cognitive skills needs to be a priority for a better, more productive quality of life.

If you are working and feel burdened by trying to juggle all the tasks at hand…

If you are beginning to question your memory and want to give it a boost to make sure you stay sharp and alert for years ahead…

Or if you just feel like your brain is in low gear and you could get SO much more done if you could just focus and think a little faster…

We are here to help!


If you already know you have weaknesses in particular areas, go ahead and contact us to learn how we can create a tailor-made plan to help build those skills and improve your life.

If you are feeling like this is new and you don’t even know where your strengths and weaknesses are, we have a free brain quiz that can shed some light on the skills that may need some attention. Click here to take it now.

Wherever you are today, there is hope. Your brain can change and improve. You are not stuck where you are right now. And we’d love to help you achieve your goals!