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Habits of Successful Students

Habits of Successful Students

In order to set your child up for success in school, there are some important habits you can help your child develop.

The habit of staying organized and managing time

Students who succeed in their studies are organized and know how to plan ahead. They keep track of their books, notebooks, folders and papers. They are also able to take projects and large assignments and break them up into bite-sized pieces, pacing themselves and eating the proverbial elephant “one bite at a time.” Using a planner to map out schoolwork is an excellent way for your student to take control of their responsibilities and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Read more on the importance of organization in our previous post.

The habit of self-care

Successful students take good care of their bodies. They get the rest, exercise and nutrition they need to do their best work. Healthy, well-rested bodies focus more easily, have more stamina and experience more mental clarity. And hydration is just as important as eating well. Mindy Millard-Stafford, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology, addresses the importance of hydration, “We find that when people are mildly dehydrated they really don't do as well on tasks that require complex processing or on tasks that require a lot of their attention.” WebMd reports that people should consume ½ oz-1oz of water for each pound of body weight each day.

The habit of effective communication

Even the best students have questions and need clarification when learning a new concept or receiving a new assignment. Effective communicators aren’t afraid to speak up and seek out the help they need which contributes greatly to academic success. You can help your student increase their confidence and grow their communication skills by cultivating a home environment where everyone is free to express their feelings and ask questions without judgement or shame. This will translate into communication with teachers and other trusted adults in your student’s life.

The habit of effective studying

Few things are more important for academic success than developing good study habits. You can help your student develop good study habits by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Successful students study in short, regular intervals.
  • Successful students create a study routine.
  • Successful students avoid procrastination.
  • Successful students tackle their most difficult tasks first.
  • Successful students take good notes.
  • Successful students review their notes before they do their homework.
  • Successful students study in an environment that is conducive to focus and productivity.

The habit of perseverance

Few things are more rewarding than sticking with a difficult task and seeing it through to completion. Students who practice the habit of perseverance may feel frustrated when they’re learning something new but they seek clarification by asking questions, they take their assignment or project in small, incremental steps and they get it done. Perseverance separates mediocre students from highly successful students.

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