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LearningRx: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

LearningRx: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas idea for your child this season, give the gift of learning—a gift that truly keeps on giving. When you invest in brain training through LearningRx, you help your child boost weak cognitive skills, making learning easier and more fun. Strong cognitive skills are something your child will take with them for the rest of their lives. They will serve your child throughout their higher education, their career and throughout daily life as they read, write, and navigate the world around them.

Once we evaluate your child’s needs, we can create a customized training program that targets and strengthens their weak skills with fun, engaging and challenging activities. Our list of programs includes:

ThinkRx®: This is our core program. Offered over at least 12 weeks, this program works on all the core cognitive skills. Every client over seven years of age who is participating in a full program trains with ThinkRx.

ReadRx®: A powerful reading intervention, this program trains the cognitive skill of auditory processing—the skill that allows the brain to analyze, blend and segment sounds—as well as other skills that are critical to reading success.

ComprehendRx®: This program takes reading intervention to the next level by focusing on cognitive skills that are critical for reading comprehension. It works on many cognitive skills including visual processing, reasoning skills, sequential processing, working memory and metacognitive strategies.

MathRx®: MathRx® trains the cognitive skills needed to efficiently and effectively develop numerical fluency, learn math concepts, solve problems and perform calculations.

Einstein®: This program is a combination of ThinkRx®, ReadRx® and MathRx®.

LiftOff®: Available for preschool, kindergarteners and first graders, LiftOff® works on foundational cognitive skills and early reading skills, which are crucial for early learners. Skills include auditory processing, attention, memory, processing speed, visual processing and reading.

StudyRx®: StudyRx helps teach kids 14 important test-taking skills, 12 top learning strategies and eight core study skills based on fictional stories of historical figures and the habits, skills and perspectives that contribute to their success.

Brain Booster: This program is offered in two formats. The first format is for adults who do not need a full program but instead are interested in doing mental exercises with a trainer at their own convenience. The Brain Booster program for adults is offered in 12, 18 or 24-session segments. Brain Booster is also offered to clients who have completed one of our other full programs and are interested in additional one-on-one training.

BrainSkills®: This is a digital brain training program that can be used to supplement the one-on-one training that is the cornerstone of all our programs. It can also be used as a maintenance program for those who have completed one of our full one-on-one programs.

Do any of these programs sound like something your child could benefit from? Get in touch with us here! We are happy to walk you through the evaluation process so we can determine which program or programs are right for your child.