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Our Team

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Katelyn has been working at LearningRx Shreveport for 4 years. She grew up in Texas and Louisiana and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. She is also a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. She teaches young children at a local private school. She enjoys painting, reading and volunteering at her church. Katelyn has done missionary work in 5 different countries. She says that seeing people’s lives changed in a fun and loving atmosphere is her favorite thing about working at LearningRx.

  • Connor
    Connor Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Connor has been with LearningRX for three and a half years as a cognitive tester. He also works as a school psychologist while in graduate school, and is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. He enjoys fencing, competitive gaming, and cooking in his free time. His favorite part of working at LRX is seeing students leaving much stronger than they came.

  • Amy
    Amy Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Amy has been working at LearningRx for a little over 2 years now and is a Certified Cognitive Coach. She grew up in a large family in Rural Mississippi. As an older sibling, she assisted in homeschooling her younger siblings and she also homeschooled her own children through 10th grade. As a young adult she began working with special needs individuals and continues to do so. Amy enjoys running and has completed 7 half marathons. She says that her favorite thing about working at LearningRx Shreveport is the positive atmosphere and genuine care shown to the clients and fellow co-workers.

  • Joan
    Joan Brain Trainer

    Joan is the first person you see when you enter our learning center during the day! She has been with LearningRx Shreveport for 8 years!

    Joan grew up in New York State! She is a mother of 10, including a set of twins! She has a background in early childhood education, has a Montessori certification, traveled in Europe as an Au Pair as well as taught, and she is a Certified Cognitive Coach! She loves being outdoors, hiking, gardening, doing embroidery, baking and reading. As a child she wanted to be a teacher or join the peace corps!

    She says that her favorite thing about working at LearningRx is seeing the positive, life changing results of one to one cognitive brain training!

  • Lyle
    Lyle Brain Trainer

    Lyle has worked at LearningRx for a little over a year and he is our go to guy for our Brain Lab! He is also been a high school English and history teacher at Shekinah Academy in Shreveport. He has a B.A. in English from the University of New Orleans. When he's not working, he enjoys books! He likes to read, as well as peruse bookstores and a good book sale. He enjoys listening to music, classic rock and some modern as well. He also enjoys taking long walks, discussing politics, and is good at making people laugh. One of the things he's best at in the Brain Lab is making people of all ages smile!

  • Jacob
    Jacob Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Jacob has been working at LearningRx for over 3 years. He grew up in Louisiana and earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. He’s from a large family and has a history in communication and customer service. A fun fact about Jacob is that he earned a silver medal on the national level in the Agriscience Fair and has also competed nationally in Floriculture competitions. He says that his favorite thing about working at LearningRx is developing relationships with the clients and seeing the growth in cognitive skills and confidence.

  • Mary
    Mary Brain Trainer

    Mary has been a Learning Rx trainer in the Shreveport/Bossier office since 2017. She is a native of that area in Louisiana and has spent over 40 years working with small children of all developmental stages. She specializes in pre-kindergarten students who are having trouble learning the basics of numbers and letters, which are essential to their future math and reading progress. She enjoys meeting new people and watching her students grow in confidence with each session, and parents appreciate her innovative ideas on how to motivate and inspire their young children to reach for the stars, not only in school, but at home as well.

  • Carla Maynard
    Carla Maynard Brain Trainer

    Watch My Trainer Video!

    Carla has been with LearningRX Shreveport for a little over three and a half years. She is a master trainer and our Director of Trainers. Carla also happens to be our resident math whiz! She grew up here in Louisiana and has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana Tech and is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. She is married and has twin boys, one of which completed our program in 2014. She owns her own construction company.When asked what she enjoys most about working at LRX Shreveport her reply was, "Seeing the improvements in students struggles".

  • Christy Melville
    Christy Melville Assessor

    Christy is an assessor at LearningRx Shreveport. She administers pre-tests that determine a baseline of cognitive skills and post-tests that quantify results following a client’s training program. Christy is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist as well as a certified functional health coach. When away from LearningRx, Christy makes use of her lifelong interest in health and wellness and helps people make desired changes to their habits around food, stress, sleep, movement, and more. She feels that lifestyle changes like these can complement brain training efforts as people work to reclaim their cognitive health.

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Brain Trainer

    Jeanne has been at LearningRx Shreveport for five years. She is a Master Trainer as well as a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. She taught English, Reading, and Physical Education to middle school and high school students for 31years in the public school system before she retired in 2012. In addition to working at Learning Rx, Jeanne proofreads depositions and transcripts for a local court reporter, plays keyboard on the worship team at her church, teaches 1 st-2 nd grade Sunday school class, and serves on the women’s ministry team. She enjoys reading, playing music, visiting with friends, traveling, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Jeanne says that her favorite thing about working at LearningRx is that it is so rewarding to see lives changed!

  • Carmen
    Carmen Director of First Impressions

    Carmen has been at LearningRx Shreveport since April of 2017. She is our Director of First Impressions. She is who you will see when you walk through the door in the evenings! Carmen was born in Mississippi and moved to Louisiana when she was 11. She has a background in sales and customer service which includes having owned her own business. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, traveling, shopping and crafts. Her favorite thing about working here is seeing how this program can really make a difference in people’s lives!

  • Rhonda
    Rhonda Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Rhonda has been at LearningRx Shreveport since July of 2019. She grew up in Texas and Louisiana and has a B.A. degree from Louisiana Tech. Rhonda is also a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. As a parent Rhonda saw the difference that LearningRx made in her son's life when he struggled with dyslexia. Now that he has gone to college and thriving in his success, she decided to dedicate her time to being a part of the change in other children's lives. In her spare time she enjoys scrapbooking and outdoor activities. Her favorite thing about working at LearningRx is the atmosphere and helping others!

  • Donesa Walker
    Donesa Walker Director

    Donesa is our Owner/Director. She has a Master's in Education and is a Master Reading Teacher and Dyslexia Specialist. While currently pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology, Donesa has 20+ years of teaching/administration experience. Certification and training in various OG based dyslexia programs. Opened Shreveport LearningRx in 2008 with a passion for training the brain to conquer the underlying deficits that cause dyslexia due to a family history of that in her family. Watching the lives of students of all ages change due to more cognitive efficiency is her passion. Donesa is the first Board Certified Cognitive Specialist in the State of LA and in the LearningRx system and has lead her team of trainers to become the first Certified Brain Training Center in the State and first in the LearningRx system. Donesa is a wife, active church member and mother of two amazing men who also benefited from the life changing experiences at LearningRx.