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Meet Vivian from Burnsville, the 2021 LearningRx Student of the Year!

Meet Vivian from Burnsville, the 2021 LearningRx Student of the Year!

We are beyond proud of Vivian, who trained at our Savage location, and her being named Student of the Year!

When Vivian came to LearningRx, her parents were really concerned – especially as she was approaching middle school. Vivian struggled with reading fluency and reading comprehension. She was really forgetful and had difficulty following directions Math was a huge struggle. Word problems were really hard for her and her dad shares, “Vivian would read the math problem and forget what she had already read halfway through the problem.”

The toughest part was how this was impacting Vivian’s self-esteem and anxiety. She shares that she “didn’t feel she was smart enough” and often suffered headaches and stomach aches when faced with schoolwork. Her mom, Sarah, shared that Vivian had tons of anxiety as it related to school.

The change in Vivian due to her training has been amazing! She is a braver and more confident child! Her school experience has done a complete 180! Homework is easier and she jumped two grade levels in math and is now in accelerated math!

Vivian now knows that “she is as smart as everyone else” and can excel in school. Where her parents had so much apprehension about her transition to middle school, they now have confidence and know that Vivian has the confidence and skills to do it!

Most importantly, Vivian shares “I am much happier now!” We’re so excited for your success, Vivian! You rock!

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