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Evan’s Amazing Story!

Evan’s Amazing Story!

Evan could not spell his own name in 4th grade and overall language arts was difficult for him. Evan enrolled in LearningRx training as a 4th grader. The results have been amazing!

Dr. Amy Moore, Cognitive Psychologist and proud momma, shares, “After the program, Evan qualified for gifted and talented language arts as a 7th grader. Then as an 8th grader Evan tested into college level English and he then passed multiple levels of College Writing his freshman year of high school! Evan will have his high school degree and associates degree in his senior of high school. An amazing achievement!

What made the difference? How did Evan go from struggling with spelling, reading, writing and language arts to such amazing achievements?

The key was identifying the root cause of Evan’s struggles. The root cause for most students who struggle academically is a combination of cognitive skill weaknesses. For Evan, his weakness was auditory processing. This skill is critical in the development of phonetic skills, reading fluency, spelling and reading comprehension. Once this skill was strengthened through customized 1-on-1 LearningRx training, the obstacle to his struggles was removed and Evan was able to excel!

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