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ADHD and Dyslexia – don’t let these diagnosis limit your child

ADHD and Dyslexia – don’t let these diagnosis limit your child

Jessica knew her oldest son, Nolan, was having too much difficulty in those early years of his schooling. She had him assessed and Nolan was diagnosed with ADHD, PDD and Dyslexia. These diagnosis confirmed what Jessica was seeing – Nolan really struggled to stay on task and as a second grader, he was barely reading at a kindergarten level. In the summer of 2009, Jessica found LearningRx and, intrigued with how the program was different than tutoring and addressed the root cause of learning struggles, she decided to have Noah do their initial assessment.

The assessment results provided helpful insights into identifying the root cause of Nolan’s struggles. The cognitive skills assessment identified that Nolan had significant weaknesses in long-term memory, working memory, processing speed and auditory processing. It also identified that Nolan had a lot of potential as his logic and reasoning skills were well above average. This is part of what was causing so much frustration for Nolan and his parents. They could see how smart he was, so then why was it so difficult for him to read, stay on task and complete his homework? His parents often heard from teachers, “Nolan is smart, he just needs to apply himself more”. The problem was, Nolan was trying hard but these weaknesses were making school so difficult homework sessions would often end in tears and frustration.

Nolan’s parents enrolled him in a 24-week program where he trained several times per week. By strengthening Nolan’s weaker skills, we removed the obstacles that kept Nolan from reading and staying on task. Training clicked for Nolan and he went from reading at a Kindergarten level to reading at a second grade level in only 6 months!

This was 11 years ago. So how is Nolan doing now? Nolan just graduated from High School. He was on the Varsity Basketball team for 3 years and finished his senior year with honors posting all As and one A-. His future is bright as he was accepted to all 7 colleges he applied for and will be heading to college this fall.

Regardless of academic struggles or a diagnosis like ADHD or Dyselxia, LearningRx training can identify the root cause of a child’s struggles and remove the obstacles holding them back. And, one of the greatest benefits of our training is that the results our students achieve are long-lasting, as evidenced by our research and Nolan’s experience.

Is your child struggling academically or have a diagnosis like ADHD, Dyselxia or ASD? How would it change your child’s life if these obstacles were removed? How would it change your life? LearningRx training offers hope because we can identify the root cause and, more importantly, remove the learning obstacles. The end result? Students are unleashed to reach their full potential to achieve their hopes and dreams! LearningRx training is truly life changing.